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Testosterone Cream

Testosterone cream for men and testosterone cream for women is the most rapidly evolving area of hormone medicine. Testosterone is the most important hormone for sex drive and libido in women and men. Compared to testosterone injections, testosterone gels and the testosterone patch, testosterone treatment using testosterone cream is more effective, faster acting and more cost effective.

Customer Testimonials

Your prompt (phone & email) advice and encouragement has helped a very great deal. I have subsequently sought, and found this information in books. One can persevere almost indefinitely, when one knows the positvely expectant outcome is in sight!

– Karen

Testosterone Cream for Low Testosterone

Tesosterone Replacement for Low Libido

Testosterone replacement therapy restores low testosterone levels. Applying testosterone cream to the skin quickly supplements low testosterone testosterone levels to normal ranges and improves the symptoms of low testosterone. Compared to testosterone injections, testosterone cream has little or no side effects because testosterone blood levels can remain in the normal range with supervised treatment.

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